Teens: Bad drivers and really horny? Newsday reports that an 18-year-old crashed his car into a West Babylon adult store: "The crash occurred at 10:17 p.m. at Sneek A Peek, The Couple's Boutique, at 588 Sunrise Hwy., along the eastbound service road, Suffolk County police said. A police spokesman said the car went 'all the way into the building.' The store sells lingerie, videos and, um, toys." And "all the way"—heh! Besides driver Michael Sicurilli, a Sneak A Peek employee also suffered non-life-threatening injuries. Sneak A Peek, which describes itself as an Erotic Couples Boutique on a MySpace page, has been hit with tens of thousands in fines and summons, in what owners claim is an attempt to force them out of the community.