Eric Alvarez; Photo - NY PostA teenager was killed by an oncoming subway after he fell off another subway car he was reportedly "subway surfing" on. The 14 year-old, Eric Alvarez, was atop northbound C-train from West Fourth towards 14th Street, when he hit his head on a girder and fell into the tracks near 14th Street. Transit spokesman said an E-train then ran over him. However, NY1 reports that a student says Alvarez was not riding on the roof of the subway but was just moving between cards: "We was all playing, and the girl grabbed his leg. It was not like a game. He was just riding on the outside of the train, like in the middle of the cars. The girl grabs his leg, and one of the things in the middle of the tunnels, one of the walls, hit him in his head, and he slipped out of her hand and fell." Clearly, this is terrible, but subway surfing? Just when you say or think it, it's a bad bad bad idea.

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