Alfredo Allen, a 15-year-old student at Erasmus High School in Brooklyn, was taken to Kings County Hospital today in critical condition after being stabbed multiple times in the head with a pair of scissors. The attack reportedly began because the victim had stolen the ball from his attacker during a lunchtime pickup basketball game at the Prospect Park South school.

Allen's 16-year-old attacker, according to Daily News sources, is described "as a special ed student who is emotionally disturbed." He has been arrested and charged with assault with a weapon. He apparently surprised his victim after searching classrooms for a sharp object. "The teacher was there, but it’s not like he let it happen—the whole thing happened in like 5 seconds," one student recalled of the attack that occurred a little after noon. "He stabbed the guy in the head like seven times."

"I saw his head wide open," a 15-year-old freshman told the News. "I was like, 'oh my god!' I ran out, I didn’t need to see that."

Allen and his attacker apparently went to different schools on the campus. Allen attends the High School for Youth and Community Development ("He was mad quiet, he didn't bother nobody," a friend says. "He’s such a good person.") while his attacker goes to the High School for Service and Learning.

Allen is still in surgery according to the FDNY. Meanwhile the NYPD is still investigating the incident.