A 16-year-old Brooklyn student has been charged with allegedly stabbing a classmate in the head with a pair of scissors yesterday. Chevoy Nelson, who has been described by school officials as a special education student who is emotionally disturbed, has been charged with attempted murder, assault and criminal possession of a weapon in yesterday's attack at Brooklyn Erasmus High School. Victim Alfredo Allen, 15, underwent extensive surgery, but remains in critical condition.

According to police and witnesses, the incident started over a game of pickup basketball during lunchtime, when Allen stole the ball from Nelson, and wouldn't give it back. Nelson allegedly punched Allen, then went looking for a weapon. A police source described what happened next: “He goes running around asking everyone for a weapon. He goes into a classroom and asks a teacher for acid. She obviously says no, but then she gets distracted. He grabs a pair of scissors and runs back to the gym. He chases (Allen) around, stabbing him."

Jessica Sanchez, 15, was playing in the gym at the time, and described the attack: “He went behind [Allen] and grabbed him by his neck and stabbed him seven times. [Allen] was screaming. He was saying, 'Oh s---.' He didn't believe it either.” Wayne Morgan, an 18-year-old senior, said, “He stabbed the guy in the head like seven times. The teacher was there, but it’s not like he let it happen. The whole thing happened in like five seconds.”

After the attack, police say Nelson went to a school office and sat quietly, still covered in blood. He gave no resistance when police arrived to arrest him. “He tells them he doesn't look for trouble but that people always want trouble with him,” the police source said.