Around 8 p.m. last night, plainclothes cops pulled over a teenager for riding his bike on the sidewalk in East New York. When Elijah Foster-Bay, 17, realized he was being stopped by police, "he immediately threw down the bike and ran," Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly told reporters at a press conference at Kings County Hospital last night. Police Officer Richard Ramirez, 29, and two other officers gave chase, finally cornering Foster-Bay when he ran into a building at 454 Bradford Street. That's when the suspect opened fire, according to Kelly, who showed off the German-made gun at the presser.

Officials say Foster-Bay shot Ramirez twice in the leg, and may have also struck Ramirez in his bulletproof vest. Ramirez sustained wounds to his femoral artery and was rushed to the hospital, where he's listed in stable condition. "His wounds certainly could have been fatal," Kelly told reporters. As for Foster-Bay, he was shot three times and he's also listed in stable condition, the Times reports. His uncle tells the Daily News, "This is my worst nightmare. I don't know why he comes around here. There's nothing but unemployment. No education, nothing good in this neighborhood." And another local, 40-year-old Terrance Brown, tells the Times, "It’s an ongoing saga around here. Sooner or later, it has to change, because we’re killing each other off."