Kids today! A 17-year-old Catholic school student tells the Post she was beaten on the B82 bus for looking "Chinese." Marie Stefanie Martinez, who is from the Philippines, says that when she boarded a bus last Friday, a group of black teenagers laughed at her and refused to let her pass - and then they pulled her hair, opened her book bag, and punched her in the mouth.

The Post has a picture of Martinez wearing the coat she wore during the fight, blood and all. Another passenger intervened and helped her, but the bus driver did nothing, simply telling her to go to a priest. Martinez filed a report with the police and a lawyer, who says Martinez will sue the MTA, said, "How did the bus driver let this happen? You have 13 kids making a commotion. This guy just turned a blind eye to it. He shirked his responsibility to this child."

Our question: Where does City Councilman - and chair of the council's transportation committee - John Liu stand?