Updated: Police have arrested 17-year-old Kyle Shaw in the May 25 incident where a crude bomb was set off in front of the Starbucks at Third Avenue and 92nd Street. And what's more, it turns out that Shaw was trying to emulate the film Fight Club—in particular, Tyler Durden. This is so not What Would Tyler Durden Do but it is what Gothamist commenter Rocknrope guessed on May 25 with his comment: "Project Mayhem."

2009_05_starbbl.jpgPolice Commissioner Ray Kelly said that Shaw had bragged to a friend that he should watch the news on Memorial Day weekend and that Shaw even formed a version of Fight Club in Central Park (one kid got a broken nose). Kelly said, "His statements indicated he was launching his own Project Mayhem."

For those of you who need to brush up on your Fight Club knowledge, here's the Wikipedia entry, which says Project Mayhem is "a cult-like organization that trains itself as an army to bring down modern civilization. This organization, like the fight club, is controlled by a set of rules," which includes "You don't ask questions," "You don't ask questions," "No excuses," "No lies," and "You have to trust Tyler."

The bomb, made out of explosive flash powder, had been set under the bench outside the Starbucks. Shaw, who graduated from City As School High School, lives on West 27th Street. According to CityRoom, police apparently found a Fight Club DVD on him as well as sparklers AND a clipping about the blast in his possession (the Post says the sparklers and DVD were in his home).

Shaw is apparently not connected to the incidents at the British consulate in 2005 (bomb), Mexican consulate in 2007 (grenades), and Times Square recruiting station last year (bomb). Some witnesses had said two teens were seen running from the Starbucks (which was confirmed by video surveillance footage; no one was hurt in the blast, just some blown out windows and rattled nerves. The Daily News reports, "It was unclear if cops were hunting for a second suspect in the bombing."