A 15-year-old was arrested for allegedly shooting at people who were barbecuing and celebrating the 4th of July at a Brooklyn park.

Police say the group was barbecuing in Sumner Playground near Throop Avenue around 6:30 p.m. Saturday when Tyron Whidbee came into the park on his bicycle. He got off and allegedly shot several rounds at the BBQers, striking a 63-year-old man in the back. The victim was taken to Kings County Hospital where he is listed in stable condition.

Officers tracked Whidbee down at Marcus Garvey Boulevard and Flushing Avenue. Police say the suspect ran while clutching his waistband, and tossed a black handgun onto the street at the corner of Humboldt Street and Debevoise Street. A police car blocked his path near Debevoise Street, and he was arrested without further incident.

Whidbee has been charged with attempted murder and assault.