Last week, an 18-year-old Belgian girl claimed that a Romanian tattoo artist mistakenly put 53 tattoo stars too many on her face. Kimberley Vlaeminck, who said she wanted three stars near her eye, sued the tattoo artist for $14,000 for the cost of removing the tattoos, while Rouslan Toumaniantz maintained Vlaeminck wanted all 56 stars. Now the teen has confessed to her misguided desire: "I asked for 56 stars and initially adored them. But when my father saw them, he was furious. So I said I fell asleep and the that the tattooist made a mistake." As for Toumaniantz, he said the hubbub gave him publicity, but he will require clients to sign consent forms. It's unclear whether Vlaeminck is getting the tattoos removed, but if she does, it could take a while—as local dermatologist Dr. Jonathan Zizmor told us, "If you come in and say take it off in one time, it doesn't make a difference on the size. You have to come in multiple times so it goes away. Sometimes on certain colors it doesn't work well."