Proving that Apple products have the power to make teens even worse than they already are, a Staten Island teen has been accused of stealing an iPhone from a mute parapalegic. Nakiem Sanders, 18, is accused of snatching Williams Washington's iPhone off his wheelchair tray while Washington sat in the lobby of his St. George apartment building on the afternoon of Nov. 8.

Washington suffers from cerebral palsy and can neither walk nor speak; he used the iPhone to type out messages that are then read out loud by a voice translator. He's also an educator, working with children with similar disabilities. "You shouldn't steal from a disabled person who relies on a special device to reach out to the world," he told NBC News.

Luckily, Washington's friends were kind enough to buy him a new iPhone, and Sanders was arrested this Thursday. We know people can be horrible, but robbing a paraplegic? Really? Next thing you know, people will be robbing toddlers...oh, right.