When an "icon," "liberal lion" and member of one of the country's most famous political dynasties falls ill, it naturally becomes front page news, especially when it's someone whose life has had as many ups and downs as Senator Edward Kennedy's has. The NY Daily News says the 76-year-old is is in the "final fight of his life against a malignant brain tumor that never loses." The NY Post goes glass-half empty with a "TED IS DYING" cover, though its article is also about Kennedy in the fight of his life (the Post even offers a prayer via an editorial).

Kennedy's wife Vicki sent an email yesterday saying, "Teddy is leading us all, as usual, with his calm approach to getting the best information possible...He's had a biopsy, and we don't yet have final pathology or a plan or course of treatment. But I have to be honest, we've been pitched a real curvebal" And Senator Chris Dodd said, "I wouldn't want to be that tumor. With Teddy Kennedy fighting back, you're in trouble."

You can send Kennedy your best wishes via his Senate website. The Washington Post suggests news about Kennedy's brain is "at least the fourth chapter of a tragic epic that began on Nov. 22, 1963, with the assassination of John F. Kennedy. It continued through the death of his brother Robert in 1968, then of John Jr. in a plane crash in 1999."