Back in January, Ted Cruz lambasted our "New York values" (re: Jewishness, liberalism, pro-immigration, obsession with bagels) while attacking Donald Trump (he's from NY, therefore he can't be enough of a homophobic hick to capture the hearts and minds of Republican voters, or something condescending like that). With the New York primary just a day away, the two are once again trading barbs over the 'insult': "The phrase ‘New York values’ actually didn’t come from me — it came from Donald Trump," Cruz said, referring to an interview in which Trump explained his support for partial-birth abortion (one of the many views on the subject he has briefly supported). "And his explanation was, 'Hey—I'm from New York. Those are New York values; they’re not Iowa values.' And so I was repeating Donald’s own phrasing."

“Now let be clear, as I’ve said many times: the people of New York, the folks here, y’all have suffered under the left-wing Democratic policies year after year after year that are foisted [on you] by politicians who aren’t listening to you,” Cruz said at a town hall on ABC’s Good Morning America today. “You know that phrase has hurt you here in New York, right?” host George Stephanopoulos asked. "Well, I do know that it has hurt me with media," Cruz replied. “But I will say if there ever comes a day when I’m winning the poll among the media, I will have done something profoundly wrong, and I’m not holding my breath."

Stephanopoulos also asked Cruz for an example of what he defines as "NY values," and he chose to highlight that time the NYPD police unions decided to send a very adult message to Mayor de Blasio and treat him like a toddler having a timeout: "I’ll tell you there was a moment that illustrated the left-wing Democratic values perhaps better than any other, and it was when the brave men and women of the NYPD stood up and turned their back on Bill de Blasio," Cruz said. "We’re tired of politicians, whether it’s de Blasio or Obama or Hillary Clinton who over and over and over again side with the criminals and the looters rather than the people who are risking their lives to keep us safe."

Trump has taken advantage of Cruz's deep unlike-ability here by continually bringing up "NY values" during recent campaign appearances over the last week. At the New York state Republican Party's annual gala on Friday, Trump unleashed "a semi-scripted, six-minute defense of the 'values' that Cruz rebuked," which included a lot of 9/11 references (which is pretty rich coming from a guy who made up a bunch of bullshit about 9/11 celebrating and visited the 9/11 Museum & Memorial for the first time while campaigning this month).

And at a rally in Syracuse, he added with perfect, half-making-sense furor: "You have these guys like Ted Cruz where, he talked about NY values. He talked about NY values with hatred in his heart. This guy is so bad for New York, look at what happened with Sandy, look at what happened with the aid for certain things, look at what happened with the votes that he gave to NY—guess what, he didn't give them to NY, he was against New York."

If you really want to get chills up your spine, forget about rhetorical battles and look at polls: according to an NBC News/WSJ/Marist poll, between Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, 41 percent of registered voters in NY say Trump is the "real New Yorker" of the three candidates.