In an infuriating yet also depressing jailhouse interview with the Daily News, the Brownsville man charged with second-degree murder for fatally shooting a one-year-old in his stroller insisted the homicide was unintentional. Investigators believe Daquan Breland, 23, was gunning for 16-month-old Antiq Hennis's father Anthony Hennis—possibly in retaliation for a 2012 shooting that wounded the brother of Breland's alleged accomplice, Daquan Wright, 19.

"Remorse doesn’t even describe what I feel. I feel a lot,” a tearful Breland told the Daily News during the interview at Rikers Island. "I love kids, I wanted to be a father. Now there’s no time. I think about my present, my past, my future. I would’ve changed things beginning in elementary school. I would’ve taken a different path."

Breland's mug shot, showing his "Family First" neck tattoo. (Via NBC New York)

Breland and Wright were arrested in Pennsylvania last week after a six-day manhunt. Breland is charged with second-degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon for the September 1st shooting in Brownsville, while investigators believe Wright supplied the gun. Wright's also charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

Antiq's father, 21-year-old Anthony Hennis, is believed to be a Crips gang member and has a lengthy rap sheet. Sources tell the dailies that Breland did not immediately realize he killed Antiq, and initially bragged about taking out Hennis, who escaped unscathed. "I started hearing my name associated with this baby and I said, ‘That can’t be, they have it wrong,’" Breland told the News. "I’m not a baby killer, that’s not me."

Breland was arraigned Saturday and is being held without bail.