Frances can not only move, it can remove. Hurricane Frances continues to slowly make her way toward Florida this morning. The hurricane has weakened a bit but is still a dangerous storm.

Swells from the storm have started affecting south facing beaches in our area. The swells may make for interesting surfing conditions. Swells often also generate dangerous rip currents, so be careful if you're at the beach this weekend. A rip current is a very strong current that flows out to sea. If you get caught in a rip tide do not try to swim against it. Even Michael Phelps will get carried out to sea swimming against a rip current. You and Gothamist are not Michael Phelps. Instead, swim parallel to the shore, rip tides are narrow, until you are out of the strong current.

The impact of Frances on our weather is still uncertain. The storm seems like it make its way into the Tennessee Valley by early next week. Once far enough north it will get picked up by the westerlies and we could get some rain from it in the latter part of next week.

In the meantime, it looks like we are in for a sunny, warm Labor Day weekend. Ideal weather for a picnic, barbecue, and the West Indian-American Parade.