Yankee brass apparently got the message that the franchise looked like jackasses after numerous fans complained that guest-relations assistants and security Monday night encouraged them to head home because it appeared the game would be rained out. The Daily News reports that more than one employee told them that executives were "livid at stadium workers" for misinforming fans and some watched on during the disciplining of one guest-relations supervisor as "upper management ripped her."

So does that mean that the team will loosen up the no re-entry policy that contributed to Monday night's melee? Well, not so much. Spokesman Jason Zillo said, "There may have been a mistake. But in the future there'll be no re-entry." Apparently the team does not support the time-honored tradition of drinking in your car during delays, what some say is the only way to get through Suzyn Waldman anecdotes.

While the re-entry policy doesn't appear to be going anywhere, local sports scribes are calling for the team to at the very least offer up more consistent updates to spectators on the state of the delay and possibly even weather forecasts on the Jumbotron. The team says that they held staff meetings yesterday to assure just that. But those announcements didn't come before the game last night, as storm clouds and misty rain threatened another delay. Filip Bondy of the News writes, "Any one of these games may turn into a miserable viewing experience that might well be promoted as Pneumonia Night."

It sounds like the team's infrastructure at their new facility has more than a few kinks to work out. One fan told the Times that security wouldn't even let her go and visit a friend sitting in a different section during the two hour-plus delay Monday night. And recently security even kicked legend Paul O'Neill out of the cages before a game. Perhaps they thought he was sharing secrets on how Yankee teams of years past were able to defeat the Red Sox.

The Times also points out that when the Mets had a rain delay in 2007 that pushed back the start of a game until after 10 p.m., the team offered fans in attendance tickets to a game later in the season. The Yankees have no plans to do the same after Monday night's debacle. Good luck filling up all those empty seats.