2006_11_newton.jpgUh-oh - a teacher's attempt to make Newton's Third Law of Motion ("For every action force there is an equal, but opposite, reaction force.") more understandable may have backfired. The Daily News reports that 18 year teaching veteran Leonard Brown has been suspended from Benjamin Cardozo High School after a female student says he touched her breast.

He asked the student - from Cardozo's elite Da Vinci Math Science Institute - to hold her hands up against his and lean against his hands with all of her weight, he said. He also put his hands on her shoulders before the demonstration.

Brown said he heard the girl claimed he touched her breast during the process - an allegation he denies.

"Assuming I wasn't moral and ethical, I'm not stupid," he said. "Do they think I'd be stupid enough to molest a girl in front of 34 witnesses? To me, this is absolutely insane."

Brown was removed the day after the incident and the special schools investigator Richard Condon has been looking into the case. One problem is that Cardozo has had a history of teachers' improper conduct with students, "including one who was falsely accused of exposing himself to students, one who allegedly had an affair with a student and another who was picked up in an Internet sex sting."

Brown tells the Daily News, "Teachers are now seriously afraid to do anything with students other than stand behind a barrier and read, but I am a very hands-on teacher." Well, kudos to Brown for trying to engage his students, but maybe he should have asked a male student to participate in the demonstration.