More details have emerged about Wednesday's terrible incident in which a Bronx schoolteacher suffered a miscarriage after attempting to break up a petty fight: according to the Times, 27-year-old teacher Lissedia Batista, was trying to break up a squabble between a ninth-grader and 10th grader in her classroom who were arguing over a chair. According to the News, Batista was accidentally elbowed in the stomach by one of the students, and fell to the ground crying. She was taken from Explorations Academy in Claremont to the hospital where she had the miscarriage.

Students were outraged by the incident, and said Batista was a beloved teacher who was "like a counselor" to many. "If I could talk to her, I would say I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm just furious right now," said Jose Vasquez, 17, a junior at the school. "I can't believe it. I can't believe she lost her child over a fight over a chair," said Amaury Lopez, 17, another student. The two students involved with the fight were suspended, but amazingly, Batista has chosen not to press charges against them; she said she fears they will end up in the city's criminal justice system.