Monte Kuhr, a former lawyer who became a teacher in 2001 (follow the money!), is suing the city, claiming that the principal at a Harlem high school assigned rowdy freshman students to him in an attempt to drive him out or into an early grave. Kuhr, 46, underwent triple bypass surgery for heart disease in 2007, and he claims that when he came back he begged administrators to send assign him upper classes, because they were the source of fewer student behavioral problems. But the freshman kept coming. Kuhr received five freshmen classes in the fall of 2009, leading to "high-intensity interactions with misbehaving students," according to a copy of the lawsuit obtained by the Daily News.

Kuhr claims that the classes he was assigned to teach were so out of control that one day last January he doubled over in pain, "prompting an administrator to rush to his aid." But it wasn't until he submitted a second note from a doctor that he was able to get away from those monsters and teach the more refined, civilized seniors. The lawsuit alleges that he was "unduly singled out for schoolwide problems" and that the administration, which is mostly Hispanic, was trying to get him to resign because he's a white observant Jew.