A Staten Island 16-year-old is in critical condition at Staten Island University North Hospital after being run down by a motorist on his way to school yesterday. Anthony Rizzo was crossing the street at Richmond Avenue and Bartlett Avenue yesterday morning when 43-year-old Cliff Hagen—a "nature activist" and teacher according to the Staten Island Advance—hit him with his car. Witness Stephanie Ruggiero told the Daily News, "He was on the floor, not moving, in a pool of blood. He was breathing, but unconscious." It also turns out that locals have been complaining about the dangers of this intersection for years.

Sen. Andrew Lanza and Assemblyman Louis Tobacco sent a letter to the Department of Transportation back in 2008, warning of driving conditions at the intersection. The letter reads, "Where Bartlett Avenue intersects with Richmond Avenue, there is a bend/turn for approximately 250 feet. This impedes a normal visual corridor a driver would have... a car traveling at a high rate of speed will not be able to stop in time to avoid a tragedy." The lawmakers called for stop signs and speed signs in the area to slow traffic, but the DOT instead made neighboring streets one-way, saying that "will allow for safer travel, as all of the streets, especially Bartlett Avenue and Lamoka Avenue, have narrow sections that do not allow cars to pass easily."

Locals echoed Lanza and Tobacco's remarks. Local Dorothy Ottman said, "This street is a terror. Always a lot of accidents ... crossing this street, you're putting life at risk." Teacher Cliff Hagen remained on the scene after the accident, and was not charged. Both Lanza and Tobacco have called the DOT in the wake of the accident, urging them to implement their previous suggestions.