A 41-year-old Bronx elementary school teacher has pled guilty to raping a 10-year-old student. Anthony Criscuolo, who taught at PS 386, is expected to be sentenced to 14 years in prison, along with 18 years of post-release supervision. He could have faced 25 years in jail if they had gone to trial, but, “in order to not further traumatize this young victim, it was determined that this plea agreement was in her best interest,” the Bronx District Attorney’s office said in a statement.

The rape came to light last year after the young girl's mother found appalling sexually explicit emails Criscuolo sent the girl the day after he raped her in the back of a car: “I was too rough. Sorry. It’s normal,” he wrote to the fifth grader. “You may feel pain for a few days.” He also asked, “How did it feel for you?”

Criscuolo had informed the girl she was going to receive an award the night of the rape—he even forged a letter about the award on school letterhead to give to her mother. The girl's parents allowed him to take her to the award ceremony; but he instead took her to a parking lot and raped her in his car.

Before the rape, Criscuolo had been "wooing" the girl for months, sending her suggestive emails and buying her gifts, including an iPod Touch. "He used to always have a favorite student who was a girl. He got her a ring and everything — a real ring, a diamond ring," one former student said last year. "They were acting like they were married."