A fight between students at a Bronx high school led to a horrible incident for one young teacher yesterday. A pregnant teacher at the Explorations Academy in Claremont tried to break up a fight between two students, was kicked in the stomach by one of the students (it's unclear if it was an accident or not) and later miscarried.

One student told the Post that the other kids came to the teacher's defense: "Everyone else was just trying to break it up. They saw she fell against the floor. They pushed him [the assailant] up against a wall." The teacher, who was four months pregnant, fell to the floor and was taken to North General Hospital, where she had a miscarriage.

The Post mentions that another teacher was attacked by a student—at JHS 145 in East Harlem, "A14-year-old girl struck a 49-year-old teacher in the face. The teacher was taken to Weill Cornell Medical Center."