2006_04_ducttape.jpgOh, no, another story about school children being bound by restraints during the school day- and this time it's a teacher who did the deed. A teacher at PS 270 in Clinton Hill is accused of duct taping two special ed students to their chairs - and taping their mouths shut as well. The boys, who were 8-9 years old during the incident three months ago, say that their teacher Carrie Roberson was upset because they had fighting, and the Daily News adds that they shattered a bottle of Snapple - that's what having Snapple in the school gets you - glass messes! Jonathan Grant said, "It was like prison. I was trying to get the tape loose. The tape was around my head and I was licking it, but it wasn't moving." And when Kevin Lester's mother confronted Roberson, the teacher didn't deny it and said it had been a game. Uh, bondage games are not for school. Police charged Robertson with child endangerment, and the Department of Education has reassigned her pending the investigation.

Earlier this month, a bus driver tied up a girl with ADD.