A 31-year-old married teacher in Plymouth, Pennsylvania was arrested last week for allegedly having sex with a high school senior. And she apparently got in touch with the student via his sister, telling the girl that her brother was "hot."

The Citizens Voice posted the affidavit (PDF), which outlines the police's findings, including how Wyoming Valley West High School teacher Lauren Harrington-Cooper texted the victim's sister, saying he was hot, and passing along her own cellphone number. The victim and Harrington-Cooper allegedly started to text and "hang out" (the victim said that she would pick him up and drive them around). The teen said the teacher performed oral sex on his three times and that they had intercourse twice.

The parents found out about the incidents after the victim borrowed his mother's computer. When he returned it, they found sexually explicits messages—sent via Pinger—between the teen and the teacher. The parents then went to the school principal.

Based on details in the texts, they determined the teacher was Harrington-Cooper. According to the Citizens Voice, "The teacher admitted she knew the alleged victim was a senior at the school in Plymouth and admitted to picking him up and driving around with him. She told authorities she had intercourse with him twice in her vehicle and oral sex with him once in her vehicle."

Harrington-Cooper was released on $25,000 bail on Thursday but was put into medical care on Friday over concerns she might harm herself. Her husband, Raphael Cooper, runs a dance academy and had cancelled classes, later stating, "'After the holiday, I , Raphael Cooper will address all of the members of our studio as to our future. Please keep everyone in our family in your prayers as we confront the days ahead."