Earlier today, around 9:30 a.m., police responded to a 911 call at 300 West 55th Street, where they found a 63-year-old woman on the floor with severe head trauma. Karyn Kay, a LaGuardia High School English teacher and Pratt Institute visiting instructor, was taken to Cornell Hospital where she was pronounced dead. A neighbor said, "The doorman shared with me they had just taken the son out in handcuffs because he had beaten his mother up very, very badly."

Various reports say that Kay's 19-year-old son suffered from seizures. According to the Daily News, Kay had called 911, screaming, to say her son was beating her. Another neighbor said, "He was screaming, ‘I’m sorry mommy! I’m sorry mommy!’ over and over and over. Then suddenly it all stopped." The Post's sources say that Kay was beaten to "a bloody pulp... Cops from Midtown North rushed to the scene found her covered in blood lying face up on her kitchen floor with a fractured skull, broken eye socket and ribs."

The son was taken to the precinct, but "hadn’t charged him with a crime," the News reports. The doorman said, "He kept apologizing to his mother the whole time - he kept saying, ‘I didn’t mean it.'"

A former student told DNAinfo that Kay was beloved, "I've never felt so much love for a teacher... She cared so much about her students, even students who were cruel to her and resistant to work. She really believed that no matter who we were, we were smart and had something to say. She really believed in all of us."