2006_10_magnum.jpgIt's Law & Order: Public School Division! Teacher Yolanda Moorjaney is on trial for allegedly writing "hateful" graffiti in the girls' bathroom at PS 256 in Queens. Moorjaney, who is white, is accused of writing things like "N-----r Die!" and sexual references. From the Daily News:

The two detectives, who were hiding in a classroom across the hall, had made sure there was no graffiti before Moorjaney entered. They rushed into the bathroom as soon as she left and found the graffiti inside a stall, Farrugia said.

When they stopped the teacher, the detectives found she was carrying a black marker capable of making the graffiti.

Yesterday, one of the detectives testified that he was 3 feet away with a partial view of the bathroom door through a small window when Moorjaney entered.

He showed photographs of the graffiti and identified Moorjaney as the only person who went into the bathroom that morning.

Hmm, it seems pretty damning, though Moorjaney's lawyer emphasizes that no one actually saw her in the bathroom. Yeah, maybe she just carries around black markers because the smell is fun.