Photos of Burck from the AP

Robert Burck, better known as the Naked Cowboy, has officially announced he'll be running for President in 2012. At a press conference yesterday, the normally scantily clad Burck showed up donning a suit and short hair—at his side was his on-again, off-again lady friend.

The Cowboy ran for Mayor last year, but he eventually dropped out saying, "I’m absolutely dropping out... What I want to do is stick with what I do best." So what makes him think he can be President of the United States of America if what he does best is prance around in public in his underwear? He didn't address that at the conference yesterday... he did, however, talk about his goals.

As the President, Burck would aim to close the borders, make drug tests for welfare recipients mandatory, abolish unions for government workers, and reverse the recently passed health care law, according to the Daily News. He also declared that the Tea Party was "the only legitimate grassroots movement." Lucky for America, he's only doing this for publicity.