What would Regis and Kelly say! This week some TD Bank customers found that their direct deposits hadn't posted to their accounts—a big mess, since many rely on, you know, having funds to pay bills. A commenter on Consumerist fumed that an expected Tuesday direct deposit only showed up yesterday, "Seriously - I trust these dummies with my money?"

One Manhattan customer told WCBS 2, "I went to get money so I could pay rent and stuff and I didn't have any funds available in my account." The glitch, which hit millions of customers (some found negative balances, too), occurred because TD Bank was trying to merge its computers with its new acquisition, Commerce Bank. The bank even shut down its online banking system for a while to try to deal with the issue. And when WCBS 2 went to a branch in Westbury, they were greeted with, "You have to leave the property. The police are on the way."

The bank now says it'll refund customers overdraft fees, but what about the psychological damage?