New York City taxpayers will shell out at least $159,500 for the Bloomberg administration's failed bid to prevent the release of the Cathie Black emails. The Wall Street Journal reports that the city will pay $134,500 in attorneys fees to the lawyers who fought for the emails on behalf of former Village Voice intern Sergio Hernandez, on top of the $25,000 the city spent internally to keep the messages secret.

"Incoming government officials need to be able to freely exchange advice and opinions to ensure a smooth transition and continuity of operations," a spokeswoman from the Law Department told the paper. "That is why the city vigorously defended this principle."

The delicate sensibilities of the person whom Oprah Winfrey described as "tough as nails" must be protected! What do Oprah, or Ivanka Trump, or Dian von Furstenberg have to do with tackling the city's educational problems? Here, let Cathie Black and the Bloomberg administration explain.

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