It's not quite the UniCab, but it's close. According to the Daily News, two manufacturers are at the top of the competition to design the city's new fleet: Nissan and Turkish company Karsan. And while Nissan could have us riding in "vanettes," Karsan exec Jean Nahu bragged to the Post, "We have produced the only model that fully conforms to the requirements set forth by the mayor."

The TLC will decide by the end of the year which proposed cars they will use for the new fleet, but the Karsan model has some pretty nifty features. There's a see-through glass roof, and every car will be wheelchair accessible, with ramps extending to the curb. However, TLC Chairman David Yassky also says the winning car must be an "iconic vehicle that can be identified with New York City and exemplifies the character of the city." Is the city's character exemplified by futuristic Karsan design, or do you wish the Crown Vics could come back?