Yesterday morning, we saw on the news that a cab somehow crashed into the window of a bank in the East Village after crashing into another cab. But how did this happen? Luckily, photographer Bob Kreizel sent us some photos and explained what happened:

Early this morning just before 6:45 am a northbound cab stopped to pick up a fare on Avenue A and the corner of East 4th Street. The cabby was making a U turn when another southbound taxi broadsided the car and ran up onto the sidewalk, crashing into the window of the Independence bank. The passengers in both cars and the driver of the south bound vehicle suffered mild injuries and were taken to Bellevue.

Augh! The middle-of-the-street U-turn! So tempting, yet so so dangerous. Luckily the injuries were not serious - except for the ones at the Independence Bank (that's what you get for thinking the East Village needs banks!).


Photographs by Bob Kreizel