Yikes: A taxi crashed into scaffolding outside a bank on Park Avenue South and East 21st Street. WABC 7, which describes the cabs as an "out-of-control" SUV, reports that the incident occurred "just before 2 a.m." and sent four people to the hospital. Based on the photo, that cab seems like it must have been super out-of-control, since it's totally on the sidewalk.

The Department of Buildings also had to check the integrity of the scaffolding, lest it collapse and cause more chaos. The four people, apparently the passengers and driver, were treated for non-life-threatening injuries at Bellevue.

Recently, AMNY looked at the Taxi and Limousine Commission's "etiquette" school for bad cabbies: "Drivers who speed, curse out passengers or commit other serious offenses can get their licenses revoked. But those who break lesser TLC rules, such as busted headlights or illegal parking, are sent to two days of classes in driving etiquette." One attendee now believes being polite works best, "Before, I thought that to make money I should go fast. This has changed my driving. I’m more smooth.”