Those annoying TV screens that you scramble to turn off every time you get into the back of a cab may be your new conduit of complaints! Former city councilman and new TLC head David Yassky wants to make complaining about (or complimenting) your cab ride even easier by utilizing the touchscreens. Yassky said he wants riders to be able to use the screens to alert the TLC the same way people use 311. He told the Post, "We're looking for people to provide feedback about their cab experience, and possibly beyond that."

This is just one of many new plans Yassky has for taxis, and some of the new ideas have been working. Apparently the TLC received its first complaint after a person was notified they were being charged out-of-city rates by the new alert system. Other plans include the "Taxi of Tomorrow" proposal and using GPS data to make sure taxis are serving the city as efficiently as possible.