Recently, those sorta-naked men who appear on the side of yellow taxis discovered shame thanks to street artist The Tailor, who then bestowed them with the gift of modesty in the form of awesome costumes, including Mr. T, Wonder Woman, Zeus and Waldo. The Tailor, who works by day in marketing at a Fortune 500 company, told the Post he sees it as his creative outlet: "I'm just adding a touch of personality. I'm not anti-establishment or anything, but I found it depressing that the man is telling us that 'this icon is you.'"

David Yassky, head of the Taxi and Limousine Commission, isn't impressed or amused by his antics: "He is defacing privately owned property, and taxicab owners and drivers are left to restore the appearance of the taxi in the course of doing business. It's disrespectful of the rights of others, and it should stop immediately." Nevertheless, The Tailor doesn't think what he's doing is vandalism, and has already prepared a new set of images, including Spider-Man, a Hasidic guy, a city cop, a firefighter and Mickey Mouse. If you see any, snap a picture and send them to!