Last year's taxi fare increase has caused ridership to fall, but the silver lining is that drivers' revenues have increased "by at least 20 percent." While it's no fun for people who regularly take taxis, Gothamist thinks it's a good thing, especially if it helps drivers earn a "livable wage"; interestingly, the NY Taxi Workers Alliance's Bhairavi Desai told Newsday that it didn't do that much to "offset cost-of-living increase" and that they were mulling asking for another fare increase. Could it be the exorbinant cost for medallions or paying the company that might own them? If you look at the individual medallion auction results from the TLC (here's the PDF), the lowest bid was over $290,000?

Ever since the fare increase, Gothamist has been careful with our taxi trips. In fact, it's even caused us to watch our alcoholic intake and think about becoming slight party poopers by going home early (but we never totally manage it). NYC taxis are still amongst the more affordable ones in the country. And Gothamist's readers weighed in on the taxi fare increase after 10 days.