The Post is reporting about a disturbing crime: A woman who took a cab from the Lower East Side back home to Brooklyn says the yellow cab driver assaulted her.

The victim, a 38-year-old real estate agent who lives in Park Slope, left a lounge at Rivington and Bowery around 4AM (the lounge's bouncer helped her hail the cab). The driver apparently asked her repeatedly to sit in the front passenger seat, which she declined. From the Post:

Once the cab reached her house, the driver offered to help her haul her birthday presents out of the car and place them on her stoop, the woman said.

She gladly accepted his help, but became alarmed when he followed her into her building, despite the fact that she told him it was OK to leave the gifts outside.

The driver forced himself into her apartment, said he'd like to romance her, and then molested the terrified victim, according to cops.

"He knows where I live, he was in my apartment. I don't feel really comfortable," the woman said.

The victim, who walked to a police station house to report the crime, added, "He's still out there doing this to other women, taking them home from a bar and taking advantage of them." The police will investigate GPS (if the cab had any) and travel log information from the Taxi and Limousine Commission.

If you're feeling uncomfortable in a cab, try to remember or write down the medallion number (here's the Taxi Passenger's Bill of Rights). In 2004, cab driver was accused of raping a passenger, but then the police weren't able to substantiate the claim because the passenger, who was drunk, may have consented to sex. and in 2006, a fake livery cab driver assaulted a woman who was trying to go to JFK.