The taxi rape story takes an interesting turn: Sources say that the district attorney's office will not press charges against the cab driver that allegedly raped a passenger in her home after dropping her off because, the cabbie says, the sex was consensual. The woman had been out drinking with a friend until 2:40AM on the Upper West, then she hailed a cab downtown. The woman told police she woke up when she realized a strange man was having sex with, asking him who he was; he replied, "I'm your cabbie," and she passed out afterward. According to police sources, interviews with the cabbie, who was tracked down after yesterday's frenzy, and the woman's doorman, there is "no indication she had been under duress." The police say, "At this time we can't substantiate a criminal complaint against him."

There are a lot of questions about the behavior of drunken passengers who look at taxis as havens and probably ten times the opinions, but for now Gothamist guesses that the Taxi and Limousine Commission will come down like a bag of bricks and attempt to draft a code of conduct (if there isn't one already). And, people, drink slowly - those $14 cocktails are hitting your wallet! - and alternate your drinks with water. You might have to go to the bathroom more, but you'll be more sober.