Okay, so, not everything is totally copacetic about the design of Nissan's Taxi of Tomorrow. But if you missed the chance to check out the prototype in person yesterday, you probably missed one feature that hasn't gotten nearly as much publicity as it should: the magical smell. Seriously.

Apparently, the new taxis are equipped with "enhanced interior materials intended to help passenger cabin smell fresher," as Nissan puts it, although we're partial to the Post's description, which just calls it a "magic ceiling." It's unclear exactly what these "enhanced interior materials" are made of, but if they can cover up the smell of one too many Long Island Teas and cheap cologne, then go ahead and install them in every form of transportation this city has to offer.

The Times has a rundown of all of the Taxi's other spiffy new features, like a 15-inch TV screen, Plexiglass moonroof, and baskets of adorable kittens Nissan plans to install in each cab to get people to like it more.