The City Council has proposed a bill that would direct half the new taxi medallions for this year (about 300) to go towards wheelchair accessible cabs and the other half to hybrid vehicles. However, the Taxi and Limousine Commission chairman is against the plan. And he may have reason to be: The wheelchair accessible cabs already being used have "a series of component failures" and the hybrid vehicles don't tend to have those partitions. Now, "a series of component failures" sounds bad, though we don't know how that stacks up against failures in regular cabs. And "safety partitions," though bad sometimes for the riders who don't buckle their seatbelts, do seem like something cabbies might want just in case.

And taxi drivers are petitioning to add a $1.50 fuel surcharge to rides. The Federation of Taxi Drivers says drivers make "$30 to $40 less than what they were two years ago." There's a mixed reaction from riders, with WABC7 getting a "No problem" from one person and a "No one's raising my salary $1.50 for the price of gas" from another. It'll be up to the TLC Commissoner and then a board to decide whether or not to advance the surcharge. Well, if there's anything to encourage drivers to use hybrids cars, then this would be it, but would they want hybrids without safety partitions?

Taxi medallion bidding starts next month. The last fare hike was passed two years ago.