Taxi fare paid; Photo: Getty Images

It seems that the NY Taxi and Limousine Commission will raise taxi fares. As the Daily News calculates it, the fare hike, which works out to be about 26%, will make NYC the sixth most expensive city for cab rides, after San Francisco, Honolulu, Boston, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Transportation consultant Bruce Schaller thinks it's still a good deal: "What is a heck of a bargain will still be a good deal for what I think is one of the best cab industries in the country." The increase would increase the driver's income only slightly (which the Taxi Workers Alliance isn't happy with but does feel it's a step in the right direction) and may also address passenger benefits, like paying with credit or debit card. Gothamist on the details on the fare increase ("Base fares jump to $2.50 from $2.00).

Schaller Consulting gives the Daily News average cab fares for major U.S. cities, based on a 2.8-mile trip with 4.77 minutes of waiting time:

San Francisco $10.85
Honolulu $10.58
Boston $10.08
Las Vegas $9.30
Los Angeles $9.19
N.Y.C. (proposed) $8.65
Houston $8.40
Atlanta $8.08
Detroit $8.05
Miami $8.03
Chicago $7.77
Philadelphia $7.49
Dallas $7.35
New Orleans $7.09
N.Y.C. (current) $6.85

Schaller Consulting also has some great studies on taxi usage in New York. And the photo above is from New Yorkish New York in 20 Years photograph series - Day 5 is up and it covers the subways. "In the year 2024..."