Taxi changes; Graphic:  NY Times

It's on: Taxi fares go up starting today. Gothamist feels like we saw some taxi drivers, happily anticipating this, but the Times talks to drivers who complain the money will really go to the fleets, no matter what the TLC commissioner says. We do ask anyone who takes a taxi tomorrow to let us know how much the new fare compares...Gothamist plans on asking the next taxi driver we ride with how he feels about it, since we agree wtih Serena Richelli who told the Post, "I'd rather get to work and pay a little more," except for us, it's, "I rather go home and nurse my soon-to-be hangover."

Taxi drivers had to get their meters recalibrated (PDF), as well as pick up new door decals. New York magazine on the fare hike's implications and examples of new fares. And the president of the NY State Federation of taxi driver tells the Daily News that fare hikes don't been tips should drop.

But, if the weather is nice, why not walk? It only costs about $6-20 to re-heel or re-sole your shoes. Just be careful of flip-flops, which, while comfy, aren't made for long distance walking.