2003_10_taxicab.jpgThe Taxi & Limosine Commission is looking at two possible proposals to increase taxi fares. With the fare increase in 1996, the New York Taxi Workers Alliance wants to "give drivers something," even though their proposal is different from the group that represents 13 taxi garages.

Current: Initial charge is $2 plus 30 cents every one-fifth of a mile.
Fleet owners' proposal: Increase initial charge to $2.50; with 30 cents for every one-sixth of a mile.
Drivers' proposal: Keep the $2 initial charge; with 40 cents for every one-fifth of a mile.

The Metrocard will be looking pretty good when the fares increase, but we're sure we'll go back to desperately looking for a cab when we're already 5 minutes late for whatever and still at home.