The Taxi and Limousine Commission thinks that summons issued to cabdrivers for rudeness dropped 26% because of 311, since it's much easier for NYers to call up and complain about bad behavior. Well, here's Gothamist theory for the better mood: The taxi fare hike! While other taxi driver behavior complaints from riders have dropped, there's a spike in complaints about drivers breaking traffic rules. Which is intriguing to Gothamist, because we always thought the unofficial rule of taxi-riding was to get a driver who could break the rules and get you from Point A to Point B faster. Perhaps these riders were in the cabs where the drivers get into arguments with other cars and end up speed racing up and down the West Side Highway.

The best quote from the Daily News story, though, is from Les Cohen: "Only when I'm a pedestrian do I find rudeness, when they try to run me down in the crosswalk." Isn't it funny, how it works? When we're in the cab, we hate pedestrians, but when we're pedestrians, all cars can go screw themselves 'cause we're walking here!