After a dangerous attack on taxi driver Mohammed Chowdhury, Taxi Drivers of America officials are calling for new laws that would make attacking a taxi driver a felony. The proposed Taxi Drivers Protection Law would mandate felony charges on anyone who assaults a cabbie, even if there are only minor injuries. Taxi Workers Alliance executive director Bhairavi Desai told the Daily News, "We want the law to deter crimes against drivers, not have their safety be left solely to luck and miracles."

The attack on Chowdhury was a particularly violent case. On their way to the Bronx, two female passengers slit his throat after he asked one of them to stop urinating in the backseat. "My throat was open," Chowdhury said. "She slashed me from left to right." Both women were charged with felony assault, but under the proposed law, attackers like the "vampire" robber would also automatically be charged with a felony. TLC chairman David Yassky allegedly supports the protection law.