Now that the estimate of cabbies who scammed their passengers has shrunk, drivers are demanding an apology from the TLC. Led by executive director Bhairavi Desai, The New York Taxi Workers Alliance gathered outside of TLC offices yesterday demanding taxi commissioner Matthew W. Daus apologize to the "the hardworking taxi drivers of New York City who he vilified and smeared. We don't want silence on this retraction," reports City Room.

Daus originally estimated that 35,585 cab drivers improperly charged passengers out-of-city rates over a 26 month period, costing riders $8.3 million. However, at Monday's City Council meeting he admitted that "a fairly significant number" of those passengers were actually charged a lawful rate, and the drivers just accidentally switched to out-of-city rates after the fare had been calculated.

Workers demanded an apology to avoid being stereotyped as dishonest. Bill Lindaur, a 30-year veteran driver said, "If you say these are facts, you'd better be sure they are facts. Otherwise, you brand a whole work force cheaters and crooks." Desai also blames the newer, complicated rate systems for confusing drivers, saying, "we need a simple meter. One-two-three, start, stop, print receipt." Unfortunately, no apology has been issued yet. Who's a gal gotta threaten to get a "sorry" around here?