A cabbie got busted offering to let a passenger skip paying her $9.30 fare if she agreed to flash him.

The unidentified woman entered driver Nur Uddin's cab at Houston and Greene streets around 7:45 p.m. on July 23, before realizing she only had $5 and a credit card. According to the Daily News, the woman "tried to work out a solution" with Uddin, who allegedly locked the doors and began making explicit demands.

“OK, well, if you do a favor for me, if you show me your breasts, I’ll scratch the fare and you can get out of the cab," Uddin allegedly said.

The woman eventually convinced Uddin to take her to her apartment on Second Street and First Avenue, where she grabbed $15 to pay him and snapped his license plate photo.

Uddin didn't see any breasts, but a judge did recommend that he lose his license and pay a $1,350 fine. Uddin denied ever asking to see the woman's breasts, and told the tabloid that she had "messed up my cab life."

The Taxi and Limousine Commission will ultimately determine Uddin's punishment.