Remember that crazy cabbie who, despite a number of assault charges and a DWI arrest, continued driving his cab with a suspended probationary license? Well, apparently he's still at large, but the TLC is now going after 10 cab companies that leased taxis to the hack, one Ramez Akladious (pictured), from February 2008 through January 6th, 2009. His hit list of offenses include slashing a passenger's face, driving drunk, punching another driver in the face, and a racist assault on a black female passenger, who just so happened to work for the TLC. Officials tell the Post they're "sure" he no longer drives a taxi, but nobody's seen him since the beginning of the year. The cab companies are due in court next month and face hefty fines and possible suspensions for leasing taxis to Akladious when his license was suspended.