Some the taxi fare increase may be afoot, as the Taxi and Limousine Commission is discussing a possible fare increase. The last increase was in 2004 - you can see the changes in this post - and TLC Commissioner Matthew Daus says that the agency wants to institute "moderate increases" every few years. The biggest change would be to increase the fare for when a taxi idles in traffic; right now, drivers charge 20 cents per minute, but it could be doubled to 40 cents per waiting minute. The Daily News says that a 2.8 mile ride with five minutes of waiting time would "translate into a fare increase of about $1," with the total being $9.65. The hourly waiting time works out to $12/hour currently, which really isn't that much when you think about the gas and upkeep costs drivers have to deal with.

The other change would be to institute a $45 flat fee from Manhattan to JFK Airport. There's a $45 fee already for JFK-to-Manahttan trips. We suppose that some early morning trips to JFK from Manhattan don't add up to $45, but $45 would still be competitive with other car service offerings. Commissioner Daus says the flat fee wouldn't affect the driver as much as making it easier for the passenger.

What do you think of a possible fare hike for waiting time and trips to JFK?

Photograph of a festive taxi from S.D. on Flickr