2005_06_taxidesign.JPGThe Design Trust for Public Space is working with the Taxi and Limousine Commission to see new designs for taxi cabs, to celebrate 100 years of taxi cabs in 2007. Designers can be submitted from both design firms and regular New Yorkers. One of Gothamist's favorite design firms, antenna design (they designed some of the new train cars, as well as the Metrocard vending machine interfaces), is proposing some ideas: The Daily News printed antenna's design for a clearer way of seeing that a cab is vacant. Which is a great idea, though Gothamist admits we think it's funny when out-of-towners try to hail off-duty cabs. TLC Commissioner Matthew Daus told the DN, "It's refreshing to get these viewpoints...The craziest idea I've heard so far was changing the color of the cab from yellow to something else. I'm happy with yellow."

Things Gothamist would like in cabs: Weather reports, subway updates, traffic bulletins, and mirrors (for the ladies who need to touch up). What would you like in a cab? And the Design Trust for Public Space's public presentation, "Designing the Taxi" is on June 16, 2005, 2–5 pm, at the Edward Swayduck Auditorium at Parsons (65 Fifth Avenue, at 14th Street); call 212-695-2432, ext. 15, to RSVP.