Now that Lyft's legal dust has finally settled, another e-hail situation is clamoring to take control of NYC's (already quite congested) streets. And it may just work—Gett, a Tel Aviv-based taxi startup, claims they'll take you anywhere in Manhattan for a flat rate of $10, besting even Uber's 20 percent price cut. Does anyone take, like, the bus anymore?

Financed by Russian-American billionaire Len Blavatnik, Gett launched in NYC with little fanfare last year, having apparently been overshadowed by big fish like Uber and Lyft. In fact, it seems like Gett's biggest claim to fame might be allegations earlier this year that Uber employees were trying to sabotage this potential rival by requesting fake hails.

But Gett's getting (sorry) even! Starting today, all rides in Manhattan run $10 no matter how long they are, or how thick the streets are with snow, rain and inebriated, curbside-puking New Yorkers. Though Gett didn't respond to our request for comment, a spokesperson from the company told the Daily Dot, "We’re doing our $10 campaign to highlight that our pricing system is transparent and straightforward,"—a kind, public-relations-ey FUCK YOU to Uber and its contentious surge-pricing policy.

And so the Taxi Wars rage on. Gett, which utilizes a 3,000-car fleet of licensed private livery cars, will only be offering this discount through New Year's Eve, assuming the Taxi & Limousine Commission doesn't issue some sort of mob hit on them in the meantime.