A taxi cab allegedly drove away after backing into two children in Central Park earlier today. According to an FDNY spokesman, EMS treated two children, ages 7 and 8, for "minor injuries," but an NYPD spokesman told us, "I don't think we've really ascertained whether there were injuries or not."

The police spokesman confirmed that the incident occurred at 6th Avenue and 59th Street, and that the taxi was backing into a crosswalk when it may have struck two children, ages 9 and 7 (which differs from the FDNY's account). The driver then "got out and checked on the pedestrians, then drove away," before EMS arrived and transported the children to the hospital.

A report in the Post maintains that the children sustained injuries and notes that the two tykes were part of a group of summer campers wearing blue shirts bearing the words “Goodwill Industries, Beacon PS 149." A camp counselor told the paper that she "threw her hand up, screaming at the cabbie to stop" while he was allegedly backing into the crosswalk and the children. Witnesses said there was a "heated exchange" between the driver and the camp employees, which caused the taxi's passengers to exit the vehicle.

“It happened so fast, I was just banging on the cab to stop,” said the frantic camp counselor. “It [the cab] hit her [injured 7-year-old] on the side," one counselor said.